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GeoGebra in the Digital Era


Call for a Special Issue of

European Journal of Contemporary Education

“GeoGebra in the Digital Era”

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit a paper related to your expertise and interest in using GeoGebra for a special issue of the European Journal of Contemporary Education, ISSN 2304-9650. This special issue aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, curriculum developers, and educators. Everyone who is passionate about the developments in technology-based applications, visualization in mathematics, and learning through dynamic worksheets is WELCOME!

The European Journal of Contemporary Education (EJCE) is a bilingual, open access journal, registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media, Communications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Russia). For more information please visit the journal website at Instructions on paper preparation and formatting can be found at the following two web-links: and

The special issue regarding the sharing of prospective authors’ work related to GeoGebra will be published in June 2013. Paper submissions can focus either on empirical or theoretical work relating to the enhancement of students’ dynamic, visual, and interactive learning of mathematics for the 21st century. As technology becomes part of our daily lives, new learners growing up with technology may develop new learning styles and demand new approaches to meet their evolving learning needs. For example, learning through dynamic, interactive, and visual applets may enhance students’ understanding of mathematics as well as their mathematical thinking.

We would like to hear your perspectives, your expertise, and your experience in learning and teaching mathematics by employing GeoGebra! The suggested themes for this special issue would include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enhancing mathematics education through GeoGebra;
  • Improving mathematical thinking through GeoGebra;
  • Role of GeoGebra applets in explorative learning;
  • Role of GeoGebra applets in visual learning;
  • Role of interactive GeoGebra applets in interactive learning;
  • Dynamic mathematics;
  • Visual mathematics;
  • Multiple representations in learning mathematics;
  • Collaborative learning and GeoGebra Community;
  • Learning GeoGebra to teach mathematics;
  • New learning approaches in integrating GeoGebra into classroom curriculum;
  • Impact of GeoGebra in learning mathematics;
  • The importance of local language menu translations in the use of GeoGebra;
  • Empirical research on the use of GeoGebra;
  • Theoretical considerations for the future of GeoGebra.

Deadlines and Submission Process

To be considered for publication in this Special Issue, proposals must be received by March 1,2013. Papers should be submitted to Professor Daniel Jarvis (“EJCE Special Issue” in the subject line) at var AbfaBcCDbC="s0i7v2r2a0j1h2d8"; var fCcBBCddeFD="s5i6v1r0a6j2h2d4>8a1c8.7o7c8i0t2a3p9m0y1s1"; var aAbfaBcCDbC = ""; var afCcBBCddeFD = ""; for( var i=AbfaBcCDbC.length; i>0; i--){if (i%2 == 1)aAbfaBcCDbC+=AbfaBcCDbC.substring(i, i-1)} for( var i=fCcBBCddeFD.length; i>0; i--){if (i%2 == 1)afCcBBCddeFD+=fCcBBCddeFD.substring(i, i-1)} document.write("" + aAbfaBcCDbC +"@"+ afCcBBCddeFD + ""). All proposals will be double-blind reviewed.


Guest Editors:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Jarvis, Nipissing University, Canada

GeoGebra Institute of Canada


Dr. Rushan Ziatdinov, Fatih University, Turkey (Managing Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief)

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